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As a courtesy to our visitors we have complied a database of digital electronics information to guide future electronics engineers through their journey. Users can quickly read through a variety of chips  in our database with the option to download content. (Popular TTL integrated circuits). Our database is a working progress, if you cannot find the information you are seeking please submit a content request.






74LS00     Quad (2-input NAND gates)

74LS01     Quad (2-input NAND gates) with OPEN-COLLECTOR outputs

74LS02     Quad (2-input NOR gates)


74LS03     Quad (2-input NAND gates) with OPEN-COLLECTOR outputs


74LS04     Hex (INVERTER)

74LS05     Hex (INVERTER) with OPEN-COLLECTOR outputs



74LS07     Hex (BUFFER) non-inverting with OPEN-COLLECTOR HIGH-VOLTAGE outputs

74LS08     Quad (2-input AND gates)

74LS09     Quad (2-input AND gates) with OPEN-COLLECTOR outputs

74LS10     Triple (3-input NAND gates)

74LS11     Triple (3-input AND gates)

74LS12     Triple (3-input NAND gates) with OPEN-COLLECTOR outputs

74LS13     Dual (4-input NAND Schmitt Triggers)

74LS14     Hex (INVERTERS with Schmitt Trigger Inputs)

74LS16     Hex (INVERTER BUFFERS/DRIVERS), OPEN-COLLECTOR, high voltage outputs

74LS17     Hex (BUFFER) non-inverting with OPEN-COLLECTOR HIGH-VOLTAGE outputs

74LS20     Dual (4-input NAND gates)

74LS21     Dual (4-input AND gates)

74LS22     Dual (4-input NAND gates) with OPEN-COLLECTOR outputs

74LS26     Quad (2-input NAND gates) with HIGH-VOLTAGE interface

74LS27     Triple (3-input NOR gates)

7447         BCD to 7-Segment Decoder-Driver (Low = on, 40mA, 30-Volt Outputs)(Common Anode)


7448         BCD to 7-Segment Decoder-Driver (Low = off, Common Cathode)




7473        Dual Master-Slave JK Flip Flop with Asynchronous Clear

7474        Dual D-Type Positive Edge Triggered Flip Flop

7480        Gated Full Adder IC


7486        Quad  (2-input XOR gate)

7489        64 Bit Random Access Memory (RAM)

7490        Decade Counter / Binary Counter

7491        8 Bit Serial In / Serial Out Shift Register

7492        Divide by 12 Counter

7493        4 Bit Asynchronous Counter (Ripple Counter) with Asynchronous Clear


74151      8 Input Multiplexer

74152      8 Input Multiplexer / Data Selector


74153      Dual 4-Input Multiplexer


74154      4 Line to 16 Line Decoder / Demultiplexer


74160      4 Bit Synchronous Decade Counter - with Direct CLEAR - Fully Programmable   


74161      4 Bit Digital Synchronous Counter - with Asynchronous Clear


74377      Bit (Octal) D Flip-Flop - With common clock and enable pins


74490      Dual Decade Counter (BCD - Binary Coded Decimal)


74HC574  Octal D-Type Flip Flop with 3 State Outputs and High Edge Clocked Input Pin


74HC595  8 bit Serial In, Serial OR Parallel Out Shift Register - With 3-State Output Latches


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