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                 74LS160            4-BIT SYNCHRONOUS DECADE COUNTER                           



with Asynchronous (Direct) Clear mode

74LS160 4-bit Synchronous Decade Counter Circuit Diagram

The 74LS160 IC package, consisting of 16 pins, contains a single 4 bit synchronous counter circuit which can be wired for decade counting mod, without external logic chips. By wiring more than one 74LS160 together (cascading), it is possible to make higher count lengths (powers of ten). For example, two 74LS160s cascaded together would yield a counter capable of decimally counting the range 00 - 99.

This counter IC can be cleared (set to all zero) at any time, by bringing the clear input to logical zero (ground). During normal operation, such as counting mode, the clear input must be kept high either directly or through a pull up resistor.


The 74LS160 is fully programmable, meaning it can be preloaded to start counting at any value (0-15 or 0x00 to 0x0F). This is accomplished by applying the value to be preloaded on the chip's four data input lines, and bringing the load pin to logical zero temporarily. Doing so will disable the counter's operation and the output will latch to reflect the new input upon the next clock pulse. Returning the load input to logical 1 (high) will resume the counter (now starting from the new preloaded value).

Applications include, digital counters, frequency counters, digital clocks, program counters, memory addressors, and others where high performance, glitch-free, counting is required.

This part is readily available from many electronics suppliers in various packages and pinouts. Check with exact datasheet to ensure correct wiring, the information provided is for explanatory uses only.


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