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Order of Operations


1.  Submit your request- await feedback


2.  Purchase -  Upon completion of the prototype there is a Fee for the fully-functionally Designed Prototype.


3.  Decide whether you want to purchase the Design or Use our manufacturing services. (There is no obligation for either one these options)

Upon your design request submission please allow 24- 48 hours for a response. Your first response will include discussion of your specific request to make sure we understand the full aspect of your design. Through alternating emails we will discuss an estimated date in which you can expect a functional prototype, and an assessment of expense. Design requests are taken on a first come first serve basis.   







Once you have your prototype it is completely up to you to purchase the design allowing you to gain sole rights. (Cost varies depending on the design complexity).  Or you can choose to  have them manufactured at Make Your Own Chip Office head quarters. Our company has all the equipment to mass produce your product, we can make as little as or as much as you require.



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