Make Your Own Chip is made up of a team of inventive thinkers with a solid understanding of electronics design and technology. Our company's establishment originated on the idea that " We can virtually build anything we put our minds to." You may think that's a bit of an overstatement, but with our optimistic outlook we're up for the challenge! Over the course of 12 years we've managed to grow exponentially, allowing us to move into our newly implemented workshop on the outer city limits of Austin, Texas. Past design projects have enabled us to engineer anything from a hobbyist's simple blinking LED to the high tech development of the seemingly impossible. We provide the resources and ingenuity to conceptualize even the most daunting projects. Our team of designers, programmers, and electronic technicians provide an excellent seamless solution. With the capability to execute all phases in house, there is never a need to sub out any aspect of the design. Circuit board design and customized programming of micro controllers, and reverse engineering are our specialties. Clients have the option of owning their product/design with sole rights, and/or having their product manufactured at Make Your Own Chip office headquarters. Our objective is to provide our clients with an exceptional design and to create a fully functional product that you will be proud to market. We work with both businesses and individual clients conveying equal respect to all of our inquiries and contributing realistic feedback regarding the possibilities of your specific request as well as an accurate assessment of expenditure. With a passion to bestow visionary concepts among this generation, we anxiously await your request.