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Designed and built by us in Texas, USA, the maker of NovaSound and SaberCore 1, 2, and 3.

Bulk quantity pricing available upon request as well as customization, contact:


Sabercore 2 RGB


  • Three ultra powerful LED drivers for RGB LEDs
  • 4096 blade color choices possible
  • 4096 flash on clash colors possible
  • Common anode PWM modulator for global brightness settings
  • A single momentary push button switch controls it all.
  • Enhanced built in user interface experience
  • 10 sound fonts, with fully customizable settings for each font.
  • Settings controllable via voice prompt menu
  • Loud sound output
  • Adjustable swing and clash sensitivities
  • Adjustable blade color (4096 color combinations possible)
  • Adjustable flash on clash color and brightness settings
  • Ignition and retraction automatically synchronized with sound effects.
  • Adjustable oscillatory blade patterns.
  • Blaster deflect and lockup sound effects with LED modulation
  • Button controlled Voice prompt menu for font selection and settings
  • Ultra Deep Sleep ( >3000 years standby time on typical 18650 battery )

>No kill key required

Sabercore 2 RGB

SKU: 1371SC2RGB1
$39.99 Regular Price
$23.99Sale Price
Color: Black
  • Technical Specifications
    Battery Requirements: 2.6 to 5.5v
    Idle power consumption: 0.00037 mW (3194 years on 2800mAh 18650)

    LED output power max: 15 watts per channel (RGB)

    Sound: 8bit at 22.05KHz

    Total Fonts: 10 - Preloaded (permanent)
             Each font contains unique:
              >Ignition and retraction sound effects
              >Background hum
              >Blaster deflect
              >Blade lockup
              >10 or more blade impact effects
              >10 swing effects

    Dimensions: 20.2mm x 43mm (0.795" x 1.69") Same as Sabercore Viridian / Crimson



    Each font has a fully configurable blade color, clash color, light frequency, sound, and motion (impact / swing) sensitivity settings. The board can run at as low as 2.1 volts, allowing for extended run time. With ultra deep sleep there is no need for a kill key or removing the battery when not in use. When the saber is turned off and no activity occurs for 4 minutes the board goes into deep sleep. A single press of the button will wake it back up. On board blue LED indicator flashes showing the board is still awake. For full color control, a common anode three color LED is recommended. 4096 colors can be selected from by adjusting the red / green / blue channels appropriately. *****Amazing flash and color patterns can be generated by configuring the RGB flash on clash LED settings. This board can control single color LEDs as well, simply choose one of the available channels (red/green/blue).

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