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                  7401                 QUAD 2-Input NAND GATE          POSITIVE LOGIC




 The 7401 IC package contains four independent positive logic NAND GATES with open-collector outputs. Pins 14 and 7 provide power for all four logic gates. The outputs require pull-up resistors to function properly. The open-collector outputs can be connected together to produce higher output voltages or to implement an active-LOW wired-OR function or active-high wired-AND function with out the need for additional logic gates.

with open-collector outputs

In the figure to the left the LED will only light if all inputs are LOW, in this way the circuit is acting like a 4 input NAND gate.

NAND GATE Logic-Rules:
If both inputs are HIGH then the output will be LOW, otherwise output will be HIGH. See 7400 for more information.

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