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>Light and sound effects
>Powerful light output
>Loud sound output
>Adjustable swing and clash sensitivities
>Button controlled Voice prompt menu for font selection and settings


*Designed by the original equipment manufacturer of Sabercore Viridian and Sabercore Crimson. These iconic boards have been combined, for the first time, into a single multifunctional sound board. Each font has fully configurable light, sound, and motion sensitivity settings. The board can run at as low as 2.1 volts, allowing for extended run time.



To switch the font:
While the saber is in idle/sleep, hold down the button and a quick beep is produced, then let go of the button, you are now in font selection menu. Tap the button to cycle between "Sabercore Viridian" and "Sabercore Crimson". Hold button to select. 
To enter settings menu:
While the saber is in idle/sleep, hold down button (you'll still hear the short beep (as explained above), but don't let go of the button. Continue to hold the button and you will enter the main menu, for which the settings you modify will apply to the currently selected font.

Sabercore 2 Fusion

SKU: 364215376135191
$29.99 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
  • Technical Specifications
    Battery Requirements: 2.6 to 5.5v
    Idle power consumption: 3.36mW (128 days on 2800mAh 18650)
    LED output power max: ~15 - 30W
    Sound: 8bit at 22.05KHz
    Total Fonts: 2 - Preloaded (permanent) Sabercore Viridian and Sabercore Crimson
    Dimensions: 22mm x 50mm (0.86" x 1.97")

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